The Positive Pocket Challenge! Take it!

If you’re a coach, then you most certainly are a competitive person. If you have kids in sports, again, good chance you thrive off a little win/lose in your everyday. Competition pushes us to higher levels and it’s used as a tactic in business, with employees, in schools and even marketing. Do you have a… Continue reading The Positive Pocket Challenge! Take it!


Coach Vs School Teacher

As I walked around the track on my son’s practice field –trying to squeeze in some extra steps for the day, headphones in, audible book playing (the Seed by Jon Gordon), I did what I usually do when I’m out around playing fields. I people watched. My son’s team and the other high school team… Continue reading Coach Vs School Teacher


More Than A Game

Think about the conversations and concerns of most high school age lacrosse players. Think about those last conversations you heard as you sat at a high school game or tournament. They probably had something to do with stats, college scouts, travel-team costs that hover in the thousands of dollars per player, state of the art… Continue reading More Than A Game


Perspective Is Everything

My family played a lot of Boggle growing up. We still do. I feel like my vocabulary should be better, but I did pretty well just concentrating on small words and then doubling my score by making everything plural.  I don't want to brag, but I know a lot of four letter words! (also three and… Continue reading Perspective Is Everything


Athletes and Body Image

I walked into the studio where I would be having my pictures taken feeling relatively confident. Maybe I was a little nervous. I don’t like having my picture taken, and I felt a little self-conscious about carrying a little more weight than usual right now, and the addition of new wrinkles from the latest coaching… Continue reading Athletes and Body Image


Meet in the Middle Guide is Here!

Use the Meet in the Middle principles to reconnect your volunteers, build a stronger foundation, be better prepared for issues and create a more positive overall experience for everyone involved. Download your PDF copy here for free! All permissions are granted for sharing of this material, however please give credit for anything used in whole or in part.… Continue reading Meet in the Middle Guide is Here!


Do we have youth leagues or parent leagues?

On a rare visit with my Grandfather, just recently turned 90 years young, I sat down with a piece of pie and listened to stories of the way things used to be.  I asked him what he did when he was my daughters age, when he was around 13. Surely it wasn’t Snapchat, texting, shopping… Continue reading Do we have youth leagues or parent leagues?


Building a Winner

New Parent: New parent is so in love with Young Boy. He’s beautiful, his heart, his hugs, his kisses, his mind.  Parent stands in wonder as Young Boy runs across the school field dodging the tagger. Left, right, hopping over stones and grass divots.  Contorting his torso to avoid the stretched out finger tips desperately… Continue reading Building a Winner