Small Decisions, Big Impact. Word Choice.

We make a lot of small decisions on a daily basis that have various amounts of impact in our coaching.  Over the course of a year the amount of small decisions we make can feel overwhelming. Some we make with more thought than others, some with haste, some after much procrastination, some we delegate to… Continue reading Small Decisions, Big Impact. Word Choice.

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Open Heart, Open Mind

Open Heart, Open Mind  I feel pretty confident in my ability to read people. This served me very well when I was in sales, and has been helpful in all of my leadership roles as well as relationships in general. I remember the first time I learned about how I seem to absorb and detect… Continue reading Open Heart, Open Mind

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#OACAAC For all the Coaches out there

#OACAAC (Once A Coach, Always A Coach) If coaching success is measured by how many times we mess up and start over again, then I’m an expert.  I used to think, before I actually started coaching, that getting out on a field and throwing out a few drills was all that coaching entailed. Like punching… Continue reading #OACAAC For all the Coaches out there

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The adventures of (insert team name)

Choose your own adventure!   Do you remember years and years ago, those books that our teachers didn’t like us to read when we had to write book reports? They were part of a series called “Choose your own adventure," and after reading a chapter you could decide how you wanted the story to proceed… Continue reading The adventures of (insert team name)


Are we getting caught up?

There’s an excitement that builds as the season approaches that reminds me of big holidays, like Christmas. We start daydreaming about it, hoping it will come faster and anticipating being in the middle of it. It’s not just a date on the calendar, it’s bigger. It’s something you can feel. There are purchases to make,… Continue reading Are we getting caught up?


ON THE LINE! Finding the practice sweet spot.

ON THE LINE! 25 distracted, chatty, vacant expressions looking past you have finally tested your limit.  You’ve tried yelling, redirecting, re-explaining, calling them out by name, but nothing is working.  Performance is suffering because practices are starting to feel like a waste of time. You are dragging them through the season. Where is their work ethic?… Continue reading ON THE LINE! Finding the practice sweet spot.

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What should Teen Conditioning look like?

“What’s the point of working out in the summer for a winter or spring sport if they will just lose the conditioning by the time the season starts?” Some kids show up consistently for conditioning programs, yet year after year they look and perform the same and get the same or brand new injuries, what's the point?… Continue reading What should Teen Conditioning look like?


What no one wants to tell you

You've put your money and your time into your kids sports. You've tried every elite travel team, every elite trainer, year round playing, but the college offers aren't there or aren't enough to make those elite schools affordable. The starting position isn't consistent, the awards aren't stacked on the wall.  Here's a truth the ones… Continue reading What no one wants to tell you