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The adventures of (insert team name)


Choose your own adventure!


Do you remember years and years ago, those books that our teachers didn’t like us to read when we had to write book reports? They were part of a series called “Choose your own adventure,” and after reading a chapter you could decide how you wanted the story to proceed by which page you turned to.  Most everyone loved those books. Everyone except teachers who call them non-books if I recall correctly.


How could we not love the idea of having an adventure and then getting some control over where that adventure goes?


Somewhere in the transition from adolescent to adult we leave the word ADVENTURE behind. The world becomes a little bit more cruel, a little more real, a little more tedious, filled with dangers and responsibilities. Adventure sounds fun, exciting, and a great way to approach each day with enthusiasm just like the characters in those old books.  But we start to associate adventure with something “other people” do off in remote exotic places or maybe an excursion on a tropical vacation. How could our ordinary everyday lives be adventures?!


What if we put our mindset into adventure mode.  What if we could coach that way? A few years ago I ran an experiment on my team where we chose to look at only the positive and it was not only season changing for us, but life changing for myself and my players.  What if, this season, we look at every day, every practice, every game as an amazing ADVENTURE with choices on where to go next after every chapter? Maybe this practice or game didn’t go as well as we hoped, what chapter shall we choose to explore next? What did we learn from the last chapter?


Adventures are filled with:

  • Challenges
  • Obstacles
  • All kinds of personalities and people
  • Celebrations
  • Defeats
  • Perseverance
  • Lessons


Sounds like our everyday tackles, doesn’t it? Setbacks become a part of our amazing story, celebrations become a little bigger, people start to come together to face unknown obstacles.  It’s all part of the adventure! Yes, we’re doing conditioning and drills to prepare to uphold our name and battle til the very end of the mighty playoff season, and it’s hard. But it’s all part of getting ready for the next chapter! Can your team draw an adventure map filled with what you know lays ahead? Can you add in unexpected adventures as they pop up?  What other small adventures will be along the way? What if you woke up every morning ready to go on an adventure through life and were excited for where it will take you?

Some may get injured along the way, some may find the adventure is too much for them, some may step up and become heroes of your story, some may give you wisdom, and some may cause you to doubt. Some may teach you lessons that change everything about your mission, your perceptions, and your purpose. But together, you will navigate the season, one adventurous day at a time!


This season with your team, name your adventure. Decide how you will start out, what you need to do to prepare. Make your map, and commit to follow it to the end with your loyal team of adventurers no matter what you face.  Get excited about your everyday again, choose your next chapter, just like when you turned the pages of those books as a kid.

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