I don’t want Winners.

The season started with a gust of icy wind as players pulled pinnies over the top of sweatshirts, and pulled on two pairs of socks. A few flakes of snow started sticking to the rubber pellets on the turf. January was barely over and we were getting started on a long journey to May. I… Continue reading I don’t want Winners.


Dear Coach, Please Stand

Dear Coach, Please Stand. You either stand for something, or you can slink out of the hot, uncomfortable spotlight. There’s either a microscope on you, or you blend into the background, making no mark on anything around you. So often I want to wish away all the politics, the drama, the trying to please everyone,… Continue reading Dear Coach, Please Stand

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Let Parents Back Inside the Circle of Trust

Some bad egg parents have made coaches draw a hard line, cutting parents out of our communication. As a coach I understand it, and I’ve felt that need to escape the microscope. The majority of coaches are in the mindset that the less contact we have with parents, the less we get dragged into the middle… Continue reading Let Parents Back Inside the Circle of Trust