When winning is losing

Their youth program is winning every tournament, every league, they are unstoppable. But their high school team is awful. What gives?? This is a common phenom in developing areas.  It’s called- using the rules of youth lacrosse and relying on early developing athletes to win games, while passing up fundamentals and development.  Sure, they may work on… Continue reading When winning is losing


Parents: are they the bad guys?

As a coach, I have to ask parents, do you ever feel like the bad guy? No matter what you do? Ever get frustrated and fed up with your kid’s sports program and not feel like helping out anymore? There is a reason that the “Meet in the Middle” program foundation I use looks at… Continue reading Parents: are they the bad guys?

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Are You a Label Maker?

How is it that some coaches can come into a sport and create teams that surpass all their surrounding areas and become a dominating force? What do they know that other coaches don’t? What's the secret to long lasting, quick forming, consistent success? There’s the obvious, that some coaches put in a lot of time… Continue reading Are You a Label Maker?


Culture Shock

Culture Shock By Kate Leavell  Nov 2016 I remember vividly taking my first high school head coaching job, all of the fears and insecurities about running a team were stressing me out. I look back on what I was worried about the most, now years later, and I see clearly just how much I didn’t… Continue reading Culture Shock


Coach, Re-Write your job description

Re-Write your job description   We know coaching involves teaching our respective sport, hopefully some life lessons, guiding young minds, building athletes, making practice plans, subbing and shifting players, game day organization, and stuffing our cars full of so much gear that groceries don’t stand a chance.  But these days more than ever we have… Continue reading Coach, Re-Write your job description


Wrecked by Politics. Save our Coaches

I’m absolutely gutted. Have you ever felt this way about coaching? I have felt that gnawing wonder of how much a coach can take before the mission goes from serving, caring, leading and teaching to martyrdom instead. But never so much as I feel now. This is a stray from my usual blog subjects. But… Continue reading Wrecked by Politics. Save our Coaches