More family time, less sports

  Here's to more in 2017, and also to less. This year I hope we bring back kids in the backyard, on their bikes until dusk, neighborhood games of capture the flag and kickball down in the court. Bring back homemade skateboarding half pipes, toys without buttons or batteries, sidewalk chalk drawings, homemade bubbles, and… Continue reading More family time, less sports


My OneWord for 2017

I had my word all set for 2016, and it was a great one. Fearless. But more than halfway through the year it occurred to me that I hadn't done anything more than name it, without actually living it out. I hadn't put it into action at all. I was still turning down opportunities that felt… Continue reading My OneWord for 2017

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High School Guide Preview

The High School Coaches Guide to Building a Powerhouse Program is coming SO SOON and I am really excited about the sheer amount of information packed inside! One of my favorite books as a kid that I read over and over went a little like this... Never tease a weasel, not even once or twice,… Continue reading High School Guide Preview


How to Fail at Goals

We celebrate New Year’s over and over, often with the same goals in mind and determination to reach them. Why then do we have to keep restarting every year? Why can’t we reach them and then maintain them? Do you ever wish that you could say next New Year’s there will be new goals, because… Continue reading How to Fail at Goals

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Are you trying to SELL culture?

If someone is telling you they experienced incredible results, and then tells you that it was easy, they are about to sell you something. That’s because results take consistent work over time, including days you don’t want too. Including the days you don’t feel well, or are super busy, or are stressed out, sore, tired,… Continue reading Are you trying to SELL culture?


5 Reasons I won’t quit coaching

5 Reasons I won’t quit coaching (despite the unlimited number of reasons I should)  1.       I am a teacher and a student at heart. I love to learn, and after I learn- I love even more to break down that knowledge and pass it on. I love seeing the “lightbulb” come on and the eyes… Continue reading 5 Reasons I won’t quit coaching