Losing? It’s not them. It’s you. 

Is your team struggling? Have you had rough season after rough season and they aren't getting better? Are you studying the game and throwing out new drills but still chasing the W?  Lacrosse is full of technical, mechanical, strategical concepts and rules. It's a hard game to teach. But here's the bottom line. If your… Continue reading Losing? It’s not them. It’s you. 


Opportunity Or Limits?

Coming off of the lacrosse convention, surrounded by a network of coaches from the entire country and even some from around the world brought me into a series of conversations that had me thinking long and hard about the long term effect of the elite quest syndrome. You know, that overwhelming pressure to succeed at… Continue reading Opportunity Or Limits?


What’s in a Coach. 

  In an over-accessible but under-connected world, what value do we hold as coaches?   Before email, team group chats, apps, and instant messaging, we may have struggled to get our communications out but we haven't gotten any better at communicating now despite our abundance of accessible ways to contact each other.  Quantity and quality often… Continue reading What’s in a Coach. 


I hate my coach. My coach hates me.

You don’t get to pick your family members, and often times, you don’t get to choose your coach either.  Sometimes you get the good fortune of a coach who understands how to motivate, challenge, and care for you, and sometimes you feel invisible, or worse – like a target for their frustration. Your team culture… Continue reading I hate my coach. My coach hates me.


Build Offensive Concept Foundation

High School coaches, your players are often coming to you with a distinct lack of understanding of how to play lacrosse. I know they know the rules, have been playing a few seasons and can follow directions. But if you gave them no play, no motion, and weren't allowed to speak at all to your… Continue reading Build Offensive Concept Foundation


Put it in your story

Our lives are a series of ups and downs. Sometimes more down than up and sometimes more up than down. If perception truly is reality – if the story we are telling ourselves about the world around us and the events we experience are what is real, then we have the power to change everything,… Continue reading Put it in your story


RESET! Squash the Drama

It's about half-way through the season. It started off strong, with players excited, parents cheering, and practices new and interesting. But somewhere around the halfway point something starts shifting.  Cliques are beginning to form. Playing time is getting questioned (even if its pretty equal). Frustration may be bubbling under the surface. And then one day....you… Continue reading RESET! Squash the Drama