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Get mentored. Change your game.

Who mentors the mentors? I've been blessed beyond measure by the people who have come into my life and not only guided me, but inspired me and then held me accountable. As a kid, I didn't fully understand the rock star status of our dear family friend, Jeannette Ireland, but I'm a little star struck… Continue reading Get mentored. Change your game.


Build a limitless team

What is it, really, that is so important about having coaches. Certainly in the future we could replace our flawed, fully human and mistake-bound selves with robots that have more knowledge than I’ll ever have. There’s no shortage of how-to info or even easy access to it out there these days. What’s really the most… Continue reading Build a limitless team

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Survive coaching your own kid

  Whether its youth or high school, coaching your own child is a challenge. Even the best coach can struggle with being too lenient, too strict, or over-coaching when it comes to our own kids on the team. Here’s a few things to keep in mind so you both have a great experience! Use discretion… Continue reading Survive coaching your own kid

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At the CORE

I crouched down, one knee buried in the warm turf pellets and the other clasping my oversized white board. A group of teenage girls sat in front of me; dirty, tired, frustrated. A season long run of victories, excitement and then injury after injury tugging at our hopeful chances of playing in the top two… Continue reading At the CORE