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Get mentored. Change your game.


Who mentors the mentors? I’ve been blessed beyond measure by the people who have come into my life and not only guided me, but inspired me and then held me accountable.

As a kid, I didn’t fully understand the rock star status of our dear family friend, Jeannette Ireland, but I’m a little star struck as an adult with the full realization of all she has accomplished. The fact that I can call her up whenever I’m struggling is a fortune surely I don’t deserve, but will accept with open arms! She is truly a role model I hope to become.

When she told me she was planning to make her advice available to coaches across the globe, I had two reactions:

1. Oh no less time for me!! 🙂


2. There are a number of incredibly  fortunate coaches, who are going to get lucky enough to get a bit of her time before she’s booked out, and who are about to transform in ways they cannot even fathom at this moment.

If you know Jeannette then you get the mind blowing opportunity this is for coaches who want to become great and build powerful, connected teams and strong leaders. But in case you don’t- here’s just a few of her accomplishments that this modest leader probably won’t tell you herself:

Once in any hall of fame is a pretty big deal. How about 3 times?  How about in two different sports? (Field hockey and lacrosse) how about a three sport stand out athlete who lives her principles consistently.

US Lacrosse Baltimore Chapter Hall of fame, Howard County Hall of fame, Goucher College, and nominated and honored by Coach of the Community Award by her own players.

Goucher College Athletics Hall of Fame in 2016
“A 1977 graduate of Goucher and just before the impact of Title IX that really changed the face of women’s collegiate sports – a stand out as a player in field hockey, basketball, and lacrosse”

Coach of the year and co-coach of the year (she had to look up how many times she won that, she couldn’t remember.) I love this person ❤️

She coached field hockey and women’s lacrosse into the national tournament at Johns Hopkins University as an assistant coach with 5 semi-finals appearances, and has built a dynasty as the head women’s field hockey coach at Mt.Hebron high school in Maryland since 1990. She took on a team with a 1-11 record and the following season turned that into a near miss at the playoffs and has only continued to thrill and break barriers since. Her career record of 284 – 121 – 18 is driven by her continued success and by the players who absolutely love to play for her.

From Hopkins Head Women’s Lacrosse Coach Janine Tucker, “I had the pleasure of coaching with Jeanette when I first started at Hopkins and she was an incredible resource and mentor for me back then. She knows her stuff and will be a terrific resource for new coaches and programs in this exciting adventure of hers!”

With 35 years of consistently successful and positive coaching experiences at the high school and collegiate level, Jeannette understands how to lead athletes like few others can.  With the launch of her consulting business, Unleashing Your Game, coaches around the country have the opportunity to thrive off of her expert experience.

I’ve called her with my own struggles in coaching and her advice has always been game changing. Issues from strategy, off season prep, practice planning, calming game nerves,  coming out flat, to drama, to weak captain leadership, she has always known how to approach it in a way where the players, coaches, and team as a whole wins. Her patience and ability to truly listen is what makes her the ideal consultant, and why she has been my own go-to for advice. Her strong faith, direct but loving leadership style, and total passion for sports and her players put her in a category with some of the greatest coaches out there.

While her expertise falls into high school and collegiate field hockey and lacrosse, Jeannette’s scope of knowledge in planning, program design, culture, and team leadership transcends sport and level. I know her virtual consulting which can be accessed no matter where you live with regular phone, Skype and email sessions will fill up fast as word spreads – don’t wait on this one. There won’t be opportunities like this coming along very often!

email her at jirelandcmc@comcast.net Email

What do her players say? “Jeannette had tremendous heart and dedication to our team, coming up with new ways to improve our skills and teamwork. She understood that players need to be strong mentally as well as physically and would push us to our limits, always believing we could go harder and faster.” Monica, former player


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