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The Path to Greatness

Ever wonder why other people seem to get the opportunities? Other teams, other programs, other players, other coaches, other people seem to reach new heights and you’re grinding away waiting for that big break – but it’s not coming? Are you still tethered to your comfort zone? Have you changed the story your adversity is telling you? Are you still holding on to something that won’t let you break free? Did you know that the harder you have to fight to overcome your circumstance the greater your opportunity to make something amazing out of it becomes? That your struggles may actually help you, prepare you, mold you and force you to seek something so much bigger in your life? Yes, that difficult team, season, gut wrenching political nightmare, or obstacle may actually be getting you ready to transform in a major way, if you just let it.

If I hadn’t ever stared death in the face, I would have put off so many things that I now seek with passion every single day. Not just my dreams for accomplishments, but my faith, my family, my desire to create positive experiences for my players, and how I take care of myself.  If I hadn’t had some pretty hard experiences coaching I’d be a different coach today, a very different coach.

If I had remained comfortable, I would have stayed in that safe environment hoping things would come to me, like making a wish, but not too concerned if they didn’t. I’d stil be letting my circumstances determine my path, believing I was powerless to change them.  Id believe that I just wasn’t lucky, or wasn’t able to do anything else.  I would be missing out on some of the experiences, relationships, and lessons that I now consider to be some of the greatest in my life. I’d be still falling down a spiral of complacency that led me to put out half-effort, push when it wasn’t that hard to push, and fall back into safety when I needed too. Never really getting anywhere, never really feeling brave enough to stand up for what I knew deep inside was important because it was hard, being to concerned with people liking me or agreeing with me,  and feeling unfulfilled in my daily tasks because they didn’t mean anything.

Where are you in this picture? What can you use to drive you to Greatness and towards your purpose in the short time we have here on this crazy planet? 🙂

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