Show up. Work hard. Be nice.

Want to be the best? How about the coaches favorite? Want playing time? Let’s keep this simple. Focus on the things you can control and do them with intention every day, consistently. There’s no secret formula to success, it is what it always has been and it happens to be a matter of choice.

Show up. Work hard. Be nice.

Show up. Physically be there, that’s number one. Stop over scheduling your commitments and start honoring them instead. That may mean sacrifice. It’s time to go all in. Be ready to go at start time, not pulling up. If you’re late, hustle onto the field, show you care about not wasting valuable training time. Be present mentally, tune out the rest of the day, listen to learn, and ask questions. Avoid being a distraction, add value to the practice.

Work hard. You may not be the best skilled, but you can always be the hardest worker. Don’t get sweaty just because you’re running sprints, get sweaty in all the drills. Raise the level of competition, raise the bar. No matter what’s happening, working as hard as you are able is always an option.

Be nice. Respecting teammates, coaches, parents, people at school and being kind is a win win for everyone. Mean people will be there no matter what, your kind influence will either help or have no impact, but returning negativity will guarantee to pull you and your teammates down. Encourage, assist, try to see another point of view, and let go of things that aren’t going to effect the big picture. Don’t engage in teasing, or talking about teammates or coaches behind their backs, walk away or better yet, steer the conversation in a positive direction instead. Your team’s success on the field relies on a solid, positive culture and you as a team member must own your part in that.

Have a great season!

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