My Team is a Wolf Pack

Dedicated to my team this season. You inspire me EVERY DAY to be better.


My team is a Wolf Pack

It may be a Wednesday comeback in the middle of a thunderstorm, dashing through raindrops and sliding across plastic grass and ground up tire pellets. It may be a Saturday, sunny, warm, and full of scoring, rising to the occasion, moving the ball brilliantly at times, and sometimes forgetting everything.  

             Perhaps you see us at a season opener that tests us, shows us where we need to go, checks if we have what it takes to push forward. It could even be a Friday yoga session, where we don’t do any real yoga at all, but still leave feeling better and recovered from a hard week.

Maybe you’ve seen us at practice. Alternating between breaking through new ideas, attempting impossible feats, and spontaneous off topic and totally distracting conversations and laughter. We played for Patrick, we played for our youth players, we played to prove something, we played for each other.  We’ve shared the struggle to learn hard concepts, to execute them, to perfect them when the frustration seemed impossible to get through. We shared the excitement of watching some of those attempts end in perfection. We carried each other on our backs to the goal at practice, literally.

My team is a Wolf Pack.  Each individual brings something incredibly important, different perspectives, strengths, personalities, and adds dimension to the team. Each player brings strengths and faults, strengths that we can build on, faults that we can love and learn from. The pieces may not always appear to fit together, but when this team is on a mission, every part of this pack starts heading in the same direction with a fire in their soul and a mission in their heart, and suddenly this team becomes one incredible force.

My team is a wolf pack. Every player has something in their heart that drives them forward. Even as they play to win, play to become their best, they still reach out to bring their teammates with them to the top, stopping to pull up the fallen ones, and pushing and driving on the ones out in front while cheering them on.

One or two players can be strong, they can lead and try to do it on their own. Other teams have strong players and they may go very far relying on them. But there is no stopping a Pack. There is no bringing down a team that has the momentum of a mission driving them on. How can you stop a pack that can withstand falling only to rise stronger, faster, better, and more determined each time? There is no breaking an unbreakable bond, a resolve to keep this team moving forward in one piece to the end of the season. 

          There is no LIMIT to where a wolf pack goes because there are no barriers that can hold them, no doubts that can drown out their drive to persevere through any situation.

My team is a Wolf Pack, and we’ve only just begun.




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