img_7741An Open Letter to our amazing female athletes representing us and our game

For every tacky remark I’ve ever heard trashing women’s lacrosse (and in my circles I’ve heard them all), because it’s not athletic enough, is too slow, has no flow, isn’t a real sport, there has always been something that could put that person back in their place. There has always been an undisputable vision that could put them, rightfully, in awe of our incredible sport- and that is YOU!!

Take a look at Team USA. Try and deny the pure athleticism, finesse, beauty, raw talent, refined skills, unity, determination, grit and heart. We cannot see your athletes play and not feel our spirit stir and our excitement build. We can’t watch you and then casually make a comment that it looks easy. When people watch TEAM USA play the most used word is WOW, followed by DID YOU SEE THAT!?*  (*I cannot cite the source but it’s now on the internet so its officially true)

In a world that worships athletes and showers them with cash, where true, pure, passion and love of sport has become a rare commodity, we still have teams like yours that stand for something so profound that the growth of our sport often can be tied back to the love our incredible TEAM USA inspires in our sport.   You, USA athletes, give back, lead, love and raise the bar for all those coming behind you. Your impact is farther reaching than you may ever know as it ripples through the lacrosse community.

What you do matters. You are true champions. Our players, young girls and women, have more to reach for because of the sacrifices you make to be a part of and drive this team to greatness.

You carry the red, white and blue on your uniform, your sticks, your highly envied swag, but more importantly, you carry the hearts of every young lacrosse player with a dream(and even maybe me- so some old ones too) when you step on that field. Because of this, we are all champions when you are champions. Every goal, every interception, draw, ground ball, BTB, upper corner, defensive stop, critical decision, mistake recovery, goalie save, sportsmanship act, sweat, gasp for breath, mental push, strained muscle, emotion- we live that with you. Your team is bigger than your roster. It includes every female player who ever dreamed of wearing that uniform.

And though many of your biggest fans will be watching you play too far away for you to hear us cheering, we are there with you. Carry us in your heart and take us to the field. When you have laid out everything you have out there, when you bring home what you worked so hard to go claim, give us a wave and tell us, “we were there.”



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