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Are you Defeated or Activated?


This week I had several gut punch moments where I was turned down, told no, had doors close that I was hopeful would open. Ever have one of those weeks? It was one after another. My week felt like one of those batman cartoon balloons. BOOM! SLAP! POW!

Dealing with the disappointments and the emotional reflexes that accompany that sort of rejection, forced me to think about two possible perspectives. It forced me to choose the story I would write for myself about what this means for my future.

But as I I thought about my own choices, I realized that my athletes have to do this very thing to get through their practices, games, seasons, and careers. The choices they have to make in a single second on the field or court when things don’t’ go their way or they make a mistake. The perspective they form when they get injured. Those no’s from college coaches, tryouts, and competitions.

We could believe, in fear, that these opportunities are the best that will come our way.  The best we could do. We could believe that our best days are behind us, that we aren’t cut out for what we thought we were meant to be.  We could believe that our dreams are nothing more than a wish that is in the hands of others approval to come true.


We could believe that these roadblocks, detours, and disappointments are meant to stretch us and direct us in a path more suited to our purpose. They may be telling us that our dreams are not specific enough, aren’t ready, or even may be too small. We can let these moments define us as a failure or refine us as a work in progress.  We can let them stop us, or propel us with momentum and resolve.

A belief in a positive future, a future with our vision clearly in mind, a purpose that drives us with no room for quit, doubt, or the opinions of others, is what gets us over the disappointments.

The ultimate test of adversity, those BOOM, POW, SLAP moments, is how we answer this question.

Will I allow this to DEFEAT me, or ACTIVATE me in my purpose?

Will I take my eyes off of my vision and look away in fear, defeat, self-pity or self-loathing, or will I squint harder to make sure that vision stays in sight, locked in my view and dig my feet into my path and push forward. Is my purpose and belief bigger and stronger than anyone else’s opinions, rejections, or doubt? Will this adversity cause me to get uncomfortable enough to make the changes I need to in order to grow or will I sit down and fail to move forward at all?

The power to write our own story is what gets us to our vision and our purpose. No matter what comes along, let it activate you, refine you, and help you to grow. If your week looked at all like mine, take heart, write a story that takes you where you want to be. See your vision, and grab onto it. Your adversity is there to help you get to that vision by forcing you to act, to grow, to reach, to believe, and it’s asking you – Will you let this defeat your purpose, or Activate you towards it?

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