Leave no room for doubt

You want to build a program with a mission. This is your pre- try out or pre- placement speech. Leave no room for doubt. Make no apologies. 

Instead of rules and regulations to keep people in line, build the expectation before they set foot on the field. Let them decide to get off the bus before your journey even begins. Build something that inspires your program’s vision. 

Be direct, firm, inspiring and unwavering. Be resolute in your mission, fluid in your process, and driven by a greater purpose than the game. 

“Before anyone takes this field today, before any parents write a single check or commit to a schedule of driving back and forth, buying snacks and proudly wearing your team gear… there’s something you need to know. 

You aren’t trying out for a sport today. You aren’t even just trying out for a team. You are trying out for a program and our program has a mission. 

To make this team you have to be a right fit athletically, emotionally, and you need to believe in where we are going. Athletic ability and talent will help you be successful in plays but does not determine your success as a teammate. 

So I’m going to tell you what that mission is and as we decide if your athlete, and your family is right for us, it’s important that you decide if this is the mission and program that you want to be a part of. We are going to the end of this season together, and thats a commitment we do not take lightly. 

You’re not trying out for a sport. This sport is all over, opportunities at every corner to just play. It’s what comes with the sport, where you want to go with it, what you hope to get from it that makes or breaks where you decide to sign up and try out to play. 

We are so resolute and passionate in where we are going, that we want families who will live this mission with us. On the field, on the side line, in their public lives, in social media, in their interactions with opponents and officials. 

Here is our mission: 

We are building:

We believe in:

We believe the role of sports is to:

At the end of your child’s experience we want them to have gained:

We believe the following are the most important traits in an athlete in our program:

We believe the role of parents, coaches, players are:

If you believe, as we do, that this is a place your child can thrive, a place you can represent as a fan, parent, and part of our mission, then we look forward to seeing your athlete out in the field today for evaluations. If not, we have a list of other programs out there in our area you can look into and find the right fit. ”

Don’t be caught up in those checks walking out the door. Let those not committed to your mission find the right fit for them somewhere else. In the long run your program will thrive as those without a clear mission dissolve under pressure, drama and internal fires. 

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