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How will you be remembered? What stories will your players tell about you to their kids, their own teams? What life lessons will they walk away with when it’s all over?

          Have you ever stood in front of your team knowing what they need to do to get to the next level, but unable to transfer that belief to them? Ever struggle to get them to execute the skills on the field you drill so hard in practice? Drama, distractions, lack of motivation and focus? Ever have parent issues, attendance struggles, frustration and burn out?  What if you could turn your most uncoachable players into enthusiastic key contributors on the team?  What if you could rediscover the joy that brought you into coaching once again? What if you could let go and still reach your potential?

Confessions of an Imperfect Coach: An Experiment in Team Culture that Changed Everything. Shipping September 1st! Limited amounts of signed copies available for pre-order at special pricing NOW!

“Powerful story that will inspire and transform the way coaches lead their teams” Jon Gordon (bestselling Author of the Energy Bus)

Click Here to PREORDER your signed COPY!

I was like so many other coaches who believed that good intentions and the will to win were enough to lead a team. That being knowledgable, organized and firm would build a strong foundation.  It wasn’t until that foundation crumbled, despite the wins and scoreboard successes, that I learned exactly what culture can do to a team for better or for worse.

It took a moment of desperation, and a culture experiment, to change everything.

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