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As a coach, a personal trainer, coaches ed trainer, and a mom, I find myself practicing my motivational skills regularly. Despite haviang that in my job description regardless of what hat Im wearing that day, I still find it hard to motivate myself at times. There always seems to be a legitimate reason keeping me from getting done what I need to get done.

That’s why I put together a little kick in the pants- a la Ebook.  If you could use a push to get at those goals that have been sitting on the shelf, this is what has helped me and Im thrilled to share it with you. Here’s a sneak peak on why motivation just isn’t enough! (but you’ll have to read the whole ebook too see the other 8!)

Motivation doesn’t Work

You can read this book and feel motivated for change. You can go listen to a speaker and feel motivated. You can have a near-death experience and feel motivated. Problem is, feelings change all the time.  You may FEEL motivated but you’d have to keep renewing that feeling, it just doesn’t last.

Motivation is a spark for change, but in itself, it accomplishes nothing. A spark is a catalyst but it cannot feed itself.  Typically it comes from an outside source: an event, a coach, a speech, a friend. You can keep sparking your stove to light it over and over, but if there’s no gas to keep it going, it’s just a spark. I can’t cook something with a spark. I need a fire, fuel, something constant and unceasing that the spark can grab onto.

It’s the commitment you make in that moment of motivation, and the value you attach to that commitment that get things done. That’s your fuel, that’s what we hope the spark ignites when we feed ourselves with motivation.

This is the reason so many people start big dreams and then quit. Motivation is a powerful emotion, but it’s not sustainable. I like to think of it as a sprint. We can run like a pro from a bear, to our long-lost love across a field, to grab the last donut before the rush that’s coming.

We can move pretty fast when we are motivated. But what if that donut was 40 miles away? Ehhh…. Maybe not so motivated anymore, we’d lose interest pretty quick in hopes something easier comes along.

But combine that powerful emotion, that spark, with a purpose, a vision, and it becomes something very real. The purpose is what gives your motivation a value. The value, makes a spark become a flame.

Once you have value, you can begin to build commitment. Commitment is the thing that lasts when the emotion fades. It’s the why behind not hitting the snooze button again or continuing on when you feel uncomfortable.

There is no commitment without value, there is no value without purpose, and there is no search for purpose without the emotional spike that comes from motivation. I hear the phrase, I just can’t get motivated, frequently. It’s actually easy to get motivated, it’s the value, purpose and commitment that are lacking.

The next book you pick up, speaker you go see, motivating movie, whatever it is, immediately sit down and write down why you feel motivated by this. What is it stirring inside you, what is it connected to on a deeper level inside your soul. What could it accomplish, and what value does it hold. Then write out steps you will commit to, and the frequency and intensity level of those steps.

If you love the excitement of motivation, then seek out mentors and read about those who have gone before you. Continually refill your motivational tank, but never rely on it as anything more than the spark. Sometimes we read and motivate ourselves into a frenzy and accomplish nothing. You must provide the fuel for the spark to catch, and to keep the flame going.

Stayed Tuned for the full EBook – UNEXCUSED: 9 Reasons your excuses can’t hold you back anymore.



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