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Own or Rent, Coach?


Do you own your job, coach? Or are you renting your job with your team every year?

What happens when you own a house? You are probably invested in it. You take pride in it. You work on it on the weekends and in your free time. You fix things that are broken. You want it to look nice, feel like home, and you feel responsible for it. You don’t always enjoy those weekend chores, but you do them anyway because you care.  You know that when you own something, it’s up to you to make that home what you want it to be.

When you rent, there is a different mindset, isn’t there?  You still want to make it feel like home but you aren’t fully invested in it. If something breaks you know and expect that someone else will fix it, because the bottom line is, it’s not yours really. It’s not your problem. You expect that everything is in running order when you move in. You don’t really plan on painting or making changes, but rather to move in your furniture and make what’s there work with your stuff. The rental has to conform to you, you certainly don’t want to put time or money into a transforming or improving a place that you aren’t connected personally to or invested in.

How do you feel about your team? Do you own your job as a coach or do you rent it? Do you expect the team to show up in the condition you need them to be in, to bring their desire, a strong dedicated attitude, a positive culture, and you’ll just insert your “stuff”?

Are you renting? Just putting yourself, as is, into the mix like apartment furniture and hoping it spruces the place up to look better? Are you waiting for that better house, better team, better players, to come along that you’ll invest in-  meanwhile you make due with this rental that isn’t quite good enough? Are you expecting someone else to fix the problems because it’s not your problem to fix your players? If they aren’t motivated, is it their fault alone, or is there something you could do if you were invested enough to build motivation in those who are struggling? Are those players who aren’t your ideal just not worth your time, not fixable, not good enough, not worthy of your leadership or attention?

Or do you own your job as a coach? Are you prepared to take the team you have and build buy in, build the vision, build the culture, build the plan around what you have, mold and shape leaders, improve and build upon what comes in? Are you ok with that fixer upper, in fact, excited about what you can make out of that project? Are you willing to take those players who have lacked role models and show them what a caring leader can do for them to help them become the players they have not yet become?  Will you own your job as a coach by taking those players who are struggling, those with attitude issues, those with poor skills? Will you give them the tools that will help them to see, believe and seek a better vision? Are you invested? Do you have pride of ownership in what you’re building? Will you own the problems these growing kids and teens can’t seem to solve for themselves by reaching across the line and saying I see you, I can help you, we can, you can, we will.

Where do you see yourself with your team this year? Because unlike the difficult housing market, owning your job as a coach takes only a change of heart, a change of perspective, and a connection with your athletes. 



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