Review: Janine Tucker’s Player Journal


Coaching is hard, there’s no doubt there. Coaching females who often have low self-esteem, struggle with confidence, and often feel pressured to hold back instead of stepping forward is even harder.   As our young girls grow into strong women, we hope to have coaches there who will be committed to helping them find their potential, their voice, and their passions as well as the freedom to explore their abilities and to shine with everything they have.

Up until now, the ability to bring this out has been a bit of a guessing game, and far easier said than done. Janine Tucker unveiled a bit of her new project last year at convention, and I just knew this was going to change the game for coaches and players alike.  So here’s a review on the brand new “Lacrosse & Life Journal” brought to you by Janine Tucker, head coach of Johns Hopkins University Women’s Lacrosse, and Under Amour. #IWILL

I’ve seen Coach T in action with young women, so I already knew she was going to put together something that would really connect with players and she did not disappoint.  Each player on the team can have her own journal where she can really dig deep into her WHY and her HOW as well as her inner strengths and fears.  There’s a page in this journal for every angle a player needs to launch her best performance ever.

A few examples of what’s inside:

  • Facing fears is a big obstacle for so many players who often feel they don’t have permission to admit to fears, let alone build the courage and connections with their teammates to face them. On this page, Tucker encourages athletes to face them head on.
  • Self-talk that’s consistently negative can damage a players self-esteem and can bring down the culture of an entire team. It’s a hard habit to break without facing it head on with a plan to change habits. Coach T tackles this right away.
  • Student-Athletes are students first. More and more parents come to me post-college recruitment phase and say the same thing: “I wish we’d put more emphasis on grades, we missed out on a lot of academic scholarships chasing small athletic ones that are hard to find.” The Lacrosse & Life Journal dedicates some much needed space to academic goals.
  • There’s a place for creating notes as a student of the game, there’s a calendar to fill in so they can track their schedule, and there are positive quotes throughout to inspire a growing athlete to be better in all things, not just athletics but as a person.

This journal is all the more powerful when combined with a coach who will take the time to talk about the sections with their team and offer sharing opportunities.  Connected, confident players with a supportive coach as a guide breaks the performance ceiling. This is a tool every team can use to build a solid foundation and student athletes who thrive beyond the game. Commit a season to developing the entire athlete and watch your team reach unimaginable heights!

Thanks Coach T for another great tool in the women’s lacrosse community!

So do the players like it? My high school age daughter opened the package when it arrived, looked through it, and then says, “I get to keep this when you’re done, right??” 🙂 Approval stamp received!

You can get your copies at Coach Tucker’s website, link below:


Portions of the proceeds are being donated to Harlem Lacrosse, Baltimore.

“This journal is meant to helps coaches and their players develop a healthy , positive team culture that cultivates confidence, competitiveness, compassion and growth. It has been a labor of love for me!” Janine Tucker

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