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Build teams fast Part 1

There’s so much to the system I use to bring teams up quickly, but I tried to take my key concepts and outline them for you. Its girls’ lacrosse focused but likely could be adapted to a number of sports.  Hope you can grab some ideas to help your team find success on the scoreboard while they work on overall development. Inside you will find teaching concepts as well as how to break down and identify your team and it’s needs. Sometimes it’s tricky, as those true issues can hide if you don’t look at the cause behind the symptoms. We often drill the wrong things, find out how to really know where your team needs to focus for immediate results!

Pardon the typos, it’s been a long week 😁

Build Teams Fast

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Part 2 coming soon,  CULTURE and how it’s an important part of this excelerated development plan!

Part 3 is all about game management

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