the ultimate motivational tool

I believe in belief as the ultimate motivational tool.  Not a belief in an uncontrollable outcome, like winning a championship or breaking a record. But a belief in growth, finding greatness, in each other and building connections.  We can’t control if our team reaches that final championship game. There are injuries, off days, so many things outside of our control. But we can choose greatness, and we can believe that it’s in our power to build something that exceeds expectation and the ordinary, and that belief can bring us to it.

Have you ever read an adventure book? A story where the characters embark on a journey? In every great story there must be obstacles, some fear, some doubt, some days where even the bravest of adventurers forget why they are out there and struggle to keep going. But in the end, the mission they are on reminds them, pushes them, pulls them forward no matter what they face.  Some step up and become leaders, some start out as leaders and end up learning and following. In the end, no one is the same. Their lives and hearts are changed and the journey has brought them closer together.  This is the season of belief we must go on together with our team. Every season a new adventure, every group creating a new story.

The great thing about an adventure with your team, rather than reading a story in a book, is that WE get to write it!

After a tough loss, we choose how to write the narrative. We choose what goes on the page of our memories, the story of our season from that game.  When we go back into the locker room we will decide how to record our history, because we all need to be in the same story, together.

We could go back into that space and write that our team stinks. That we can’t connect a pass, are out of shape, and don’t work together. OR We can write a story based on the belief of our greatness to come.  We can write that though the team we played outmatched us in many ways, we had a moment. A fleeting, brief moment where we moved the ball, communicated and set up a play. And in that brief moment we saw a glimpse of the greatness our team is capable of. In that brief moment we captured the essence of what our entire game will look like by the end of the season. In the next practice we will focus on that moment, dig deep and figure out how to take that moment and clone it into more moments. Because in our minds we can see what lies ahead, and we can’t wait for it. That my fellow adventurers, THAT is the story we will write after that tough game. Because we believe and journey together to a mission that is bigger, more important to us, and louder than any short comings or doubts that may cross our minds.

I believe in belief as the ultimate motivator. I wouldn’t want it any other way.

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