Where do coaches go?

You know what’s weird to me? Dentists a lot of times don’t have great teeth.  Some doctors never take their own advice. There are many out of shape but very effective fitness experts. AND many coaches who spend a significant time working on building bonds and connections on their team are terrible at building a… Continue reading Where do coaches go?


Team bonding through Get-Along Shirt tactics

These kids are adorable. No idea who they are but found this pic on Pinterest Have you ever seen those get along shirts parents put on their kids who keep fighting? It’s big enough to fit two people and they have no choice but to figure out how to get along because they can’t escape… Continue reading Team bonding through Get-Along Shirt tactics

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Love like Milanyela

I’m finding myself looking for air, the kind of desperate search for oxygen that happens at 14000 feet when you’re trying to climb the mountain trail just a bit higher but wonder if your lungs will keep up. I gasp some in but it feels empty, there’s no relief. The flashes between smiles and remembering… Continue reading Love like Milanyela