Bully Motivators Youth Sports

I’ve written on this subject many times, but the people in the back are on their phones or too busy worrying that a 10 year old won’t take life serious enough to hear me so I’m still talking about it. Bullies make things happen. Believers and encouragers make people inspired to make things happen for… Continue reading Bully Motivators Youth Sports

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Becoming the catalyst for change

You get it, positive cultures make work more enjoyable. They inspire you to serve and help you feel like a valuable contributor. They make for a more collaborative environment, help with employee retention, welcome innovation, and drive productivity. You can see it in your mind and you just know your team, department, organization would thrive… Continue reading Becoming the catalyst for change


How bad do they want IT? #GOALS

“What do you all want to accomplish this season?” the coach asked her team as they gathered at the first official practice of the year. “State Champions!” Jennifer shouted with approving nods and shouts from her teammates. “Most goals ever!” said Mia with enthusiasm. “I want to have more playing time.” Said Kelly, softly and… Continue reading How bad do they want IT? #GOALS