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Where is My Joy?

For every athlete who's ever thought about quitting. I've been there. It is possible to love the game once more, but only after you're done blaming everything around you. One of the harder life lessons, but also the simplest. It is within us that we find our joy. It cannot be given, it cannot be… Continue reading Where is My Joy?

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Curse of the Great Problem Solvers

By nature, coaches are problem solvers. Rarely do we come into a situation that goes as planned. How many times a season does a coach show up to a situation where the field is not available, the gyms are all taken, half the team is on a field trip, someone forgot the ball bag, etc.… Continue reading Curse of the Great Problem Solvers

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Dog chasing his tail

I don't have an answer, I'm hoping we can brainstorm and figure it out. But I do know we need one because I'm seeing this now becoming more normal, where years ago it was just a random observation. Insanity has become the norm. We're chasing an outcome that isn't realistic or even really often desirable.… Continue reading Dog chasing his tail

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Scholarship Award Winner

I am very honored to announce the winner of the inaugural Jeffrey Howard Conord Leadership and Valor Scholarship Award. New nominations for 2018 HS Grads will be accepted starting January 1st through June 2018.                                                                      Brielle Walter A freshman at The College of St. Scholastica in Duluth Minnesota, Brielle spent the last 9 years playing lacrosse. As the… Continue reading Scholarship Award Winner

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WTF is going on

What the falafel is going on? Maybe it’s me. Maybe I’m the one who’s confused. Here’s what I thought we were doing for our kids when we started offering off season “opportunities.”  I pictured new players who wanted to work on their skills in the off season finding a place to continue training. I saw athletes… Continue reading WTF is going on


Positively Uncomfortable

Today I had a medical procedure I have been putting off as long as I could. The doctor finally told me we couldn’t wait any longer and I had no choice but to get this done to find out what kind of surgery I needed. (the great news? I dont need surgery!) SO.. The reason… Continue reading Positively Uncomfortable