Speaking and Workshops 

Kate is a dynamic speaker with a high energy and focus on reaching breakthrough in coaching.  It’s difficult to let go of the “way we were coached” and see what our teams really need from us. Kate is also a Certified Jon Gordon Speaker and available for Topics such as The Energy Bus, You Win in the Locker Room First, The Hard Hat, and The Power of Positive Leadership.

Most popular speaking Topics:

Repairing broken culture: weeding out the drama, cliques, and lack of focus and infusing the team with mission, purpose and excitement.

Building a new program:  Creating buzz in your area, growing numbers, creating program philosophy and building buy in, educating coaches, and navigating pit falls of volunteer personality issues.

Turning practices into a game: How to make kids beg to come to practice, get better numbers, and create a coaching style that builds incredible amounts of energy and excitement


The Struggles of Coach Burnout: Rekindle the flame and passion for coaching in a world that puts coaches under the microscope. Explore ways to avoid pitfalls, and fuel the needed encouragement to get through the hard stuff.

Gather your coaches together for an incredible journey. You will be lead through a half day workshop, rediscovering your purpose, your process, and navigating the struggles that you face as coaches every season. Create a network of support and bring your coaching staff, from all different sports or ages, into a team that collaborates and grows together. 

Come out of this workshop refreshed, excited, and ready to take on the best season of your life! Keep your coaches coming back year after year as your programs continue to grow and navigate challenges. Every coach could use a fresh start!


If you are interested in having Kate come out to your area to speak, hold a workshop or training, or register for consulting, please fill out the request form below for more information: ( or direct email: kate@kateleavell.com)

To have Kate Speak on Jon Gordon topics, see Kate’s speaker bio here. Kate’s Bio with Jon Gordon Companies   http://www.jongordon.com/documents/JGSpeakers-KateLeavell.pdf