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Building successful girls lax teams, FAST

It takes time to rebuild, or start a team. Or so I've been told on several of the times I've been hired to do just that.  I smile, and I nod, and then I do what I love to do. I use the same method I always use and I surprise them all.  There is… Continue reading Building successful girls lax teams, FAST


Build Offensive Concept Foundation

High School coaches, your players are often coming to you with a distinct lack of understanding of how to play lacrosse. I know they know the rules, have been playing a few seasons and can follow directions. But if you gave them no play, no motion, and weren't allowed to speak at all to your… Continue reading Build Offensive Concept Foundation


Tis the season for free gift-a-ways!!

The  Coaches Emergency Practice Guide is the perfect gift for yourself or a coaching friend and I'm giving some away!  Productive, fun practices for your girls youth lacrosse team are what you can provide all season long with the right tools.  I'll be randomly picking winners until Christmas!  To be entered:  subscribe to my blog… Continue reading Tis the season for free gift-a-ways!!