Change leadership from Me vs You, to WE

We talk about wanting team unity, but often as leaders we end up in a Me vs You battle when it’s time to correct behaviors.  When effort levels, focus, distractions, or priorities become an issue, the old school form of leadership is still quite popular. That’s the one where we immediately take that authoritarian stance… Continue reading Change leadership from Me vs You, to WE


You can’t build it in your preseason meeting. #culture

I can set the tone of something. I can create atmosphere ahead of an event or meeting. I can structure guidelines, expectations, and procedures. I can design the colors, the logo, principles, the outward branding. But even after all of that, I haven’t built culture. That’s the disconnect. That’s where we miss the mark as… Continue reading You can’t build it in your preseason meeting. #culture

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Curse of the Great Problem Solvers

By nature, coaches are problem solvers. Rarely do we come into a situation that goes as planned. How many times a season does a coach show up to a situation where the field is not available, the gyms are all taken, half the team is on a field trip, someone forgot the ball bag, etc.… Continue reading Curse of the Great Problem Solvers


So, you think you’re positive…

If you’re following my blog then you probably have bought in on positive coaching. You get it, you practice it, believe in it, and pray that your own kids’ coaches model it too! But what if we’re missing one more piece? What if through all this belief in developing and encouraging our athletes we’re still… Continue reading So, you think you’re positive…


Leave no room for doubt

You want to build a program with a mission. This is your pre- try out or pre- placement speech. Leave no room for doubt. Make no apologies.  Instead of rules and regulations to keep people in line, build the expectation before they set foot on the field. Let them decide to get off the bus… Continue reading Leave no room for doubt

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Love it or Leave it

I'm turning 40 this fall, and as I've talked to my friends all reaching this "City Slickers" mid-life crisis age, I came to realize there is a theme to the chatter. Despite the blessings so many of us are surrounded by and truly appreciate, there are universal questions being asked. Am I doing what I'm supposed… Continue reading Love it or Leave it


Mistakes Lead to Greatness

Turning a quitting mentality into greatness: How much of an edge would we have over other teams if our team could bounce back from anything, love learning, always be focused on positivity and building together? The old tough love approach to coaching is at the forefront of our youth participation decline. That drive we have… Continue reading Mistakes Lead to Greatness