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Build teams fast Part 1

There's so much to the system I use to bring teams up quickly, but I tried to take my key concepts and outline them for you. Its girls' lacrosse focused but likely could be adapted to a number of sports.  Hope you can grab some ideas to help your team find success on the scoreboard… Continue reading Build teams fast Part 1


Game Recovery: When your team is not playing well

I can be optimistic, but I'm more of a realist. Yes, I fully think we can win this game, but when things are going bad and the only adjustment I can make is to hope and wish that my players start doing what they already know how to do but aren't executing - then I… Continue reading Game Recovery: When your team is not playing well


An open letter to the unsung heroes

  An Open Letter to the Unsung Heroes, I saw you at the off-season trainings, focused and sweaty and practicing your craft.  You were early to every practice, you helped me bring gear out to my car at the end.  You weren’t born with supernatural speed, or gifted with that height coaches get all excited… Continue reading An open letter to the unsung heroes


Athletes’ Body Language: Truth or Perception

I believe in teaching body language. I believe that my body language as a coach speaks louder than words. But I have a problem when we start to believe that the body language from developing kids and teens is the unquestionable truth. I saw a tweet today that said body language is everything. That all… Continue reading Athletes’ Body Language: Truth or Perception


Team full of priceless silver pieces

"Coach, you’re always correcting me. I feel like I’m not good enough.” They hear the negative 5 times louder than they hear the praise. We can try to soften it, we can try to sandwich it, but as humans we internalize our short comings and tend to explain away the praise or give it less… Continue reading Team full of priceless silver pieces


Team Culture: the manual

I’m asked often for a manual for building a positive team culture, fixing drama, creating unity, getting rid of cliques, reversing poor attitudes, and turning around programs that were toxic in the past. I’ve sat down a few times and outlined some things like – ways to approach your initial team meeting, how to put… Continue reading Team Culture: the manual


and NOW a Warning…

One of my favorite throw back movies is “Death Becomes Her.” With Goldie Hawn and Meryl Streep and Bruce Willis.   In the movie, Meryl Streep is trying to recapture her youth and she takes a potion that makes her immortal and restores her body to it’s youthful state. After paying a handsome sum for the… Continue reading and NOW a Warning…