Athletes’ Body Language: Truth or Perception

I believe in teaching body language. I believe that my body language as a coach speaks louder than words. But I have a problem when we start to believe that the body language from developing kids and teens is the unquestionable truth. I saw a tweet today that said body language is everything. That all… Continue reading Athletes’ Body Language: Truth or Perception


Team full of priceless silver pieces

"Coach, you’re always correcting me. I feel like I’m not good enough.” They hear the negative 5 times louder than they hear the praise. We can try to soften it, we can try to sandwich it, but as humans we internalize our short comings and tend to explain away the praise or give it less… Continue reading Team full of priceless silver pieces


Team Culture: the manual

I’m asked often for a manual for building a positive team culture, fixing drama, creating unity, getting rid of cliques, reversing poor attitudes, and turning around programs that were toxic in the past. I’ve sat down a few times and outlined some things like – ways to approach your initial team meeting, how to put… Continue reading Team Culture: the manual


and NOW a Warning…

One of my favorite throw back movies is “Death Becomes Her.” With Goldie Hawn and Meryl Streep and Bruce Willis.   In the movie, Meryl Streep is trying to recapture her youth and she takes a potion that makes her immortal and restores her body to it’s youthful state. After paying a handsome sum for the… Continue reading and NOW a Warning…

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Where is My Joy?

For every athlete who's ever thought about quitting. I've been there. It is possible to love the game once more, but only after you're done blaming everything around you. One of the harder life lessons, but also the simplest. It is within us that we find our joy. It cannot be given, it cannot be… Continue reading Where is My Joy?


It’s in the little things

They were starting to line up at the locker room door, but my left cleat didn’t feel right. I kept fiddling with the shoelace trying to get it tight. It didn’t matter, it was time to walk down the sidewalk, down the hill that overlooks the turf. Bright lights overhead as the sky was just… Continue reading It’s in the little things


Building Motivation: turn on the lights

A coach should strive to see the light come on inside their athletes, and fear the day they might make it go out. Have you seen it? That moment that your athlete’s posture changes, the smile breaks out on their face, the confidence shift? I live for that moment, it’s what keeps me in the… Continue reading Building Motivation: turn on the lights