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Where is My Joy?

For every athlete who's ever thought about quitting. I've been there. It is possible to love the game once more, but only after you're done blaming everything around you. One of the harder life lessons, but also the simplest. It is within us that we find our joy. It cannot be given, it cannot be… Continue reading Where is My Joy?


It’s in the little things

They were starting to line up at the locker room door, but my left cleat didn’t feel right. I kept fiddling with the shoelace trying to get it tight. It didn’t matter, it was time to walk down the sidewalk, down the hill that overlooks the turf. Bright lights overhead as the sky was just… Continue reading It’s in the little things


Building Motivation: turn on the lights

A coach should strive to see the light come on inside their athletes, and fear the day they might make it go out. Have you seen it? That moment that your athlete’s posture changes, the smile breaks out on their face, the confidence shift? I live for that moment, it’s what keeps me in the… Continue reading Building Motivation: turn on the lights


Review: Janine Tucker’s Player Journal

Coaching is hard, there's no doubt there. Coaching females who often have low self-esteem, struggle with confidence, and often feel pressured to hold back instead of stepping forward is even harder.   As our young girls grow into strong women, we hope to have coaches there who will be committed to helping them find their… Continue reading Review: Janine Tucker’s Player Journal


If only I had known this one thing…

When I realized my team culture was failing, I knew I had to do something fast.  It wasn't just a matter of players being unhappy or some drama here and there, our game performance was suffering and it had nothing to do with IQ, conditioning, or knowledge. It was a lack of effort, heart, and… Continue reading If only I had known this one thing…


Coach it ALL

There’s a trend of thinking that’s become a link of solidarity among many coaches. Where mention of how it’s the kids responsibility to “want it” “bring it” “own it” and “accept it” or don't bother to show up - followed by: “all the coaches say, AMEN!” (including myself) Probably because it’s frustrating to have kids… Continue reading Coach it ALL


Crab Lessons in culture, from a Marylander

I'm sorry vegetarians. Trigger warning - if crab violence is a trigger please look away 😛 If you grew up in Maryland, like I did, then you learned how to navigate a crab pretty young.  I was somewhere in late toddler-hood when I was sitting at the backyard patio table covered in newspaper. (after the… Continue reading Crab Lessons in culture, from a Marylander


Are you Expendable, Coach?

It's not talked about but it's implied, and we all know it goes on. Coach turnover. It's so common place that most high school leagues can't keep up with their coach contact list, you email the AD for scheduling questions because you don't know who the opposing team's coach will be this year, and every… Continue reading Are you Expendable, Coach?