Where do coaches go?

You know what’s weird to me? Dentists a lot of times don’t have great teeth.  Some doctors never take their own advice. There are many out of shape but very effective fitness experts. AND many coaches who spend a significant time working on building bonds and connections on their team are terrible at building a… Continue reading Where do coaches go?


Team bonding through Get-Along Shirt tactics

These kids are adorable. No idea who they are but found this pic on Pinterest Have you ever seen those get along shirts parents put on their kids who keep fighting? It’s big enough to fit two people and they have no choice but to figure out how to get along because they can’t escape… Continue reading Team bonding through Get-Along Shirt tactics

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Love like Milanyela

I’m finding myself looking for air, the kind of desperate search for oxygen that happens at 14000 feet when you’re trying to climb the mountain trail just a bit higher but wonder if your lungs will keep up. I gasp some in but it feels empty, there’s no relief. The flashes between smiles and remembering… Continue reading Love like Milanyela


Mama says Parents are the devil

Well Bobby... Mamas wrong again! They aren’t our enemy. They aren’t “the reason sports are ruined”. They aren’t all crazy or after the coach. The system is crazy, the system is broken. It’s the product of greed, ego, and the quest for power; from administrators, individuals, facility owners, and yes some parents, and yes also… Continue reading Mama says Parents are the devil


Greatest Coaching Moment

I was asked recently to share my greatest coaching memory. Seems like a bit of a daunting task because I’ve been honored to be a part of several teams that went from losing seasons to final four finishes within the span of weeks.  I’ve experienced underdog victories and comebacks that are movie making material. I’ve… Continue reading Greatest Coaching Moment


This used to be my playground

Ever wake up in the morning, early on a Saturday and the alarm is blaring because it's time to get up for practice and wonder if you should even bother? You're exhausted, as most teens are, from the constant pulling in many directions, conflicting standards of different authorities in your life, navigating new territory pretty… Continue reading This used to be my playground


Beat the Culture Plateau

Once the season was getting into full swing and the expectations and tone had been set, practice had started and games were coming up, there almost always seemed to be this big dip in energy.  It's like I could feel some of the positive excitement fading away and my connection that seemed strong at the… Continue reading Beat the Culture Plateau


The Culture Pit

The Culture Pit. Maybe every coach hasn’t faced this yet, but chances are that if you've taken on a new program there's a culture issue hiding below the surface.   I’ve walked into culture disasters so many times that the signs are like giant red flags. For someone experiencing it for the first time, the signs… Continue reading The Culture Pit